That's us in the cockpit.
Jerry Powlas took this photo at the Northern Cal. Nor'Sea get together, during the photo shoot for the Nov/Dec 02 Issue of Good Old Boat.
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Below are instructions that will allow you to follow our progress by email or HAM radio, in almost real time.

Track us 
by email
Track us 
by HAM radio
See our latest Position Report

The first way to track us is by email.
From time to time, we will send an email (a Position Report) to a group address. By following the instructions below, you will be able to join this group and receive any emails that we send. If you no longer want to receive the emails, you can just opt out of the group and not receive further mail. OR you can just click the link and read the current, and all previous, emails.

Our plan is to send updates of our position and travels to this group, so anyone who is a member, will automatically get our updates. 

To join the group you can send an email to:
Note: There is an underscore “ _ “ between “Position” and “Reports”, (Position_Reports)
THEN, follow the directions on the reply email to insure you are signed up.

Or you can:

1. Go to
2. Select “Groups”, it is normally in the line of items called “Connect”.
3. Search for “Guenevere” and find/select “Position_Reports-Guenevere
4. Select “Join This Group” Note; you may need to select a password.


You can just go to:
Note: There is an underscore “ _ “ between “Position” and “Reports”, (Position_Reports)
And read the reports on line without receiving any emails. 

Thanks for your interest in our travels, and we hope you enjoy hearing from us and reading about our on-going adventures!

Greg & Jill

The second way to track us is by HAM radio.
If we are actively on a passage of more that 48 hours, you can tune into the HAM radio Pacific Seafarer's net. 
The good news is that for you to listen, you do not need to be a HAM radio operator. As a matter of fact, you do not even need a radio! Our plan is to report in on any passage of over 2 days. If you catch us on this net, you will hear us talking to net control reporting our information on position & weather.

As of April 2004 -
6:45pm to 7:50pm Pacific Time, 0245 to 0350 UTC
MP3 audio stream at 
or go to and search for N6HGG. 10 USERS MAX.
Use Winamp, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

Net Control Station N6HGG
Posted by Robert Reed
Amateur Radio Station N6HGG
Humboldt Bay, California

By the way, The pacific Seafarer's net also will send you an email once a day, if you would like to get it. 
You will need to subscribe to the service at:

By our last Position Report

When we send an E-Mail from Guenevere, our system automatically reports our latest position. If we have sent an email with the last day or so, you can call us up on a map and see where we are! To do this just click on the a link I have placed below...

Position Report