That's us in the cockpit.
Jerry Powlas took this photo at the Northern Cal. Nor'Sea get together, during the photo shoot for the Nov/Dec 02 Issue of Good Old Boat.
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On this page are links to our
"Position Reports",
to find what our plans are, (or were), and
to see how to keep up with us, and track our progress.

Where we are now!
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Our "Position Reports"
This link will take you to our page that has a copy of our position reports. Every so often, we send out what we call a "Positon Report" that states where we are and what we have been doing. This email goes to everyone who is a member of our group (see How to track our progress below).  Once we get to an Internet Cafe, we put the email on this web page and add photos, then post it.
The current
This link will take you to a page that has what our plans are. Or, what our plan were.
Our cruising plans are about a firm as the water under our keel!
How to 
track our progress
On this link, you will find out how to track our progress. From here you can find out how to apply to our email group and get information before it gets posted here.